Nicki Randlett Handy
106 Midway Drive Golden, CO 80403
Software: Oracle 8i; MS SQL 7.0 Server; MySql; Sybase 11; Jenzabar Suite; Business Objects and Web Intelligence; Erwin; Avid Media Composer; Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Languages: PL/SQL; Transact SQL; Perl; PHP; Shell; HTML; Visual Basic; ASP; MHTML; Lasso.

Training/Classwork: Mac OSX Server Administration 10.3, Perl, Linux, Visual Basic, Oracle PL/SQL, Business Objects, Group 1 Software, Avid Media Composer.

Operating Systems: Unix Tru 64, Linux, NT, Mac OSX 10.2-10.3.

Freelance Sites: Tania Holland, Casa Tamarindo, Princeton Scapes, Arborscapes, Coerver Club Max, The Irrigation Company, Peck Suite, Moosehill Farm
Freelance Programmer Golden, CO
November 2005 - Present
Akaza Research/Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
    Consult on and program database driven medical reporting system.
  • Develop datamart to store data relating to vascular surgery procedures.
  • Write TSQL procedures to transform data into datamart that is easily queried for reports. Schedule DTS packages to import data from Access into SQL Server 7.0.
  • Develop reporting tool in MS Query for end users to query data. Work with clients at Beth Israel to create and save new queries and modify datamart according to their needs.
Assumption College Worcester, MA
Feb. 2003 - November 2005
Database Analyst/OSX Server Administrator:
    Developed database driven web sites and manage Mac OSX servers.
  • Programmed sites and maintain web servers for college students and alumni to perform various tasks, such as online payments, roommate selection and job searches.
  • Developed in PHP and perl with a MySql database and connection to Sybase, running on an a Webstar server in a Mac OSX 10.2 and 10.3 environment.
  • Set up all hardware and software. Installed SSL certificate for secure transactions. Setup freetds and perl to connect to remote Sybase server and interact with Jenzabar student package. Perform all security updates and upgrades to the OS.
Freelance Programmer New York, NY
Oct. 2001 - February 2003
    Independently developed web sites. Examples above.
  • Programmed administrative tools for managing content and images on websites as well as structure of sites.
  • Developed sites in PHP with a MySql database running on an Apache servers.
  • Provide continued hosting support and site updates and email support for all clients.
  • Example: PIX Corporation, Aug-Oct 2001. Configured FTP server, IIS4 web server and SMTP server with NTSP 4. Designed database and installed MS SQL Server. Configured with PHP. Programmed site in PHP, including the front end and administrators site. Features included: search engine; image uploading; email; help section; password protection of varying levels; dynamic html; full-text indexing of tables.
NetCreations, Inc. New York, NY
Nov 1999 - Aug 2001
Senior Database Developer and Programmer:
    Managed and developed a 200 gig Oracle 8i database.
  • Created web sites and perl programs to monitor growth of the direct marketing database and overall business.
  • Designed and developed a data warehouse and reporting tools.
  • Managed and built accounting system with an oracle back-end and internet front-end (PHP,MHTML).
  • Managed outsourced DBA, overseeing daily maintenance of database health.
  • Programming projects included: Lotto site in PHP,; PL/SQL programs for loading data into database daily and reorganizing data for reporting needs; Perl programs for reporting and processing of log files; Completion of a business intelligence site in PHP and MHTML.
  • Maintained legacy system for renting mailing lists in MHTML on front end and perl for scripting and back-end.
  • Project manager:
  • Managed technical department of 7 programmers before and after the initial public offering.
  • Coordinated with all other departments to implement new projects and changes to existing system. Represented CTO in executive management meetings.
  • Provided sales support to a team of 30 sales people.
Draft Worldwide New York, NY
Oct. 1998 -Nov. 1999
    Constructed and maintained extranet sites consisting of: reports that track marketing campaigns; data flow diagrams; and, business documents for Astra Pharmaceuticals and Cadillac. Consulted with clients about reporting needs and extranet design. Programmed in Visual Basic, Active Server Pages, HTML.
  • Developed dynamic automated statistical reporting application that allowed clients to run ad-hoc queries.
  • Supervised accounts and created data repositories for all users of Business Objects/Web Intelligence at Draft. Was responsible for troubleshooting problems with application and Internet connection.
  • Optimized databases on MS SQL Servers for integration with Internet applications.
  • Coordinated with the creative department to design and produce forms.
Cornell University, College of Human Ecology Ithaca, NY
    B.S., Human Development Family Studies; Special Awards: Study Abroad Grant, Dean's list.
Cornell Nepal Study Program Nepal
Aug. - Dec. 1995
    Independent Research Project: Rites of Passage & Religion. Interviewed women from three sample groups throughout Nepal. Practiced participant observation, survey and literature review and completed research proposal as well as many supplementary papers.